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N-Motion HID Systems HID D2C

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N-Motion HID Systems guarantees quality and value, with 10+ years in the HID lighting business.
Our D2C bulbs are high quality OEM grade replacements made for vehicles with existing D2R and D2S headlight applications.
Save over 50% compared to headlight bulbs from the dealership!
N-Motion D2C bulbs are available in 2 colours: 6,000 Kelvin (pure white) and 8,000 Kelvin (slight hint of blue).

Don't be fooled by low grade / low cost bulbs on the market, and here's how you can tell:

  • Low grade D2C bulbs do not have a brown ceramic stem parallel to the glass bulb.
  • Low grade D2C bulbs do not have any metal at the base of the glass bulb. They are completely plastic.

Warranty: 12 months

Don't forget to ask us about professional installation!

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    Ben on 09/25/2012

    Colour is way better than my stock bulbs. Brighter too.

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